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Sobrenix Journal

I started taking Sobrenix in a desperate attempt to quit drinking.

So far, I have been a daily drinker for ~13-15 years. I'm 36, started drinking daily around 22/23. Around a year or two in, I tried AA which failed spectacularly…relapsed after 60 days.

Before starting Sobrenix, my daily habit was ~10 beers (12oz) every night. Sometimes up to 16; rarely none. I would often buy less in a futile attempt to slow down, only to end up going back out to buy more.

I started Sobrenix on 4/6/2019

Day 1

Took my first dose at about 3:30pm, shortly after the package arrived. Manged to stay completely sober the first night, with noticably reduced cravings. Took another dose around 7:30pm. Was in bed by 11pm, asleep shortly after.

Quality of sleep was average

Day 2

Following recommended dosing, I took 1/4tbsp when I woke up. My day was uneventful. Played bass at church in the morning and noticed I had ZERO anxiety, which has been an increasing and debilitating problem over the past year. To be totally anxiety free was unexpected but very welcome.

Took my evening dose around 5pm. Around 6pm, bought 8 beers (4x24oz cans). Started drinking shortly after. Was ready to be done around the 4th beer, but it was still a couple hours before bed time, so I sipped on the remainder and had zero urge to go buy more.

Was in bed, asleep by midnight. Quality of sleep was average.

Day 3

Normal dose in the AM before work. After work, took dose 2. Took a walk and was feeling the cravings so took another 1/2 dose. Bought a 6 pack, but extra 1/2 dose helped…my cravings are low and only sipping on them for now…

Drank the 6 pack. It took forever. Now I'm going to bed (midnight). Would have normally had 30 beers in a 3 day period (on average). Have had 14.

Remained anxiety free all day

Day 4

Normal AM dose. Light hangover, gone by the time I got to work. Mostly just the taste of stale beer in my mouth, but that's also kicked by the Sobrenix and coffee.

Came home, took a nap. Took 2nd dose a little later than usual, and I felt it. Anxiety & heavier craving returned from when I woke up til about 20min after 2nd dose. Went to band practice. The end always stresses me out, due to long winded conversations & back pain. Took another 1/2 dose and bought a 6 pack. It's 9pm though, so chances are unlikely I'll drink it all. Taking 6mg melatonin now too.

6 pack is almost gone. Had a scary thought so another 1/2 dose for total of 3 today.

Finished 6 pack, went to bed. Last time I looked at the clock was 12:55am - little slip backward there. Quality of sleep has remained about the same. Perhaps this night was a little better. Didn't have as hard of a time waking up.

Day 5

Normal AM dose. I plan to try to not drink at all tonight. If I do, it will be as late as possible, and will only buy 2x24oz, take melatonin and try to be in bed by midnight.

I failed in that mission and had another 6-pack. I guess Rome wasn't built in a day. Most reviews I've read indicated 3-4 weeks average to quit, so I'm not doing too bad, considering in the first few days, I've reduced my drinking by 40%.

In bed by 1am. Quality of sleep does seem to be slightly improving over the last couple nights…

Day 6

Skipping AM dose. Going to try concentrating it all at night. I don't need it in the morning if I'm not hungover (and 6-packs wont make me hungover). I have to be at work and can't drink anyway, so it makes more sense to take my first dose toward the end of my shift or after work, and 2nd dose later when cravings are stronger. Maybe this will help me start taking totally sober nights.

Took 1st dose at around 3:30pm, 2nd around 7pm. Night didn't go well anyway. Had a 12 pack. It was Friday night which made my brain glitch and lose focus. Took a 3rd later, but it just didn't help.

Day 7

Kinda lost track. Was hungover. Didn't drink, though.

Week 1 Summary

That closes up week 1. All in all, my drinking is reduced significantly, and saying “no more” is a lot easier. Still takes a great deal of willpower, but I think the stuff is doing more than nothing….

Day 8

I don't remember my dosage, but drank 8 beers

Day 9

1st dose around 3pm, 2nd about 7pm. Upping to 3 droppers-full as I don't think mine is working well, and not sucking up quite the right amount. It was working better when I first got it, but my doses have been looking smaller and smaller, and seems to be helping less.

This night did not go well. Drank 12.

Day 10

3 droppers around 10:30am…trying not to give up hope but depression is setting in again which isn't helping. Don't recall evening dose time. Didn't drink.

Day 11

Normal AM dose. 2nd around 4:30. Drank 8 beers…think I took a 3rd dose during. This still requires a great deal of willpower.

Day 12

Forgot AM dose. Took 1st around 2:30pm….I guess I lost track of this day…Had 6 beers.

Day 13

Forgot AM dose again. Took around 11am. Lost track of doses again, as well as willpower. Had 12 beers. UGH.

Day 14

Not feeling too bad despite drinking too much last night. AM dose around 11:30am. 2nd around 7:30. Drank 8 beers. I didn't want to drink but could't fight it after a stressful event at church (sound guy turned me way up b/c the song “Mighty Redeemer” which has a fun bassline). It gave me a spike of anxiety, crashed my performance and weakend my willpower. Also I tooke a 3rd dose, but can't seem to shake the compusion to finish all the beer I buy…

Week 2 Summary

Almost out of first bottle. It's not hurting as far as I can tell, so ordered a 2nd. I really want and need this to work. I may consider attending a support group once or twice a week if it doesn't continue improving or gets worse. My main goal is to avoid in-patient treatment and minimize impact on my life/work/etc. Just a nice clean, soft landing into sobriety would be an epic win.

Day 15

Normal AM dose, I think… 2nd around 4:30pm. Had 8 beers.

Day 16

New bottle arrived just in time but last night was a total failure. 14 beers…

Day 17

2 doses. Didn't drink.

Day 18

Normal AM dose.

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